PostErasmus+ feelings – I was in Prague again!

When I look back, it feels like a dream… Sometimes I even doubt if that happened…

It is very hard to describe how it feels to be back in a place where I spent a year!

It’s been a long time since I haven’t been here. Prague is a place where I spent the whole year of Erasmus+. Even when I was still there, I knew that I will return to visit it. And I knew that I will have a nostalgia!


I was right! It feels so nice, but also it feels kind of weird to be back. Everywhere I go I smile and remember so many things! I miss everything about it! It feels like reading one of your favourite books which you have already read but still love to open and read one page after another. When you read your favourite book for the second time, you already know what will follow but you still keep reading it because you love the way it’s written. The same feeling I have when I walk around the streets I used to walk 2 years ago.


Right now I am sitting with my laptop and writing my thoughts down. I am in Letna park. One of my very favourite places in Prague. Some people are looking at me like I would be stranger 😀 but I love it! They probably have no clue what it means to me to be back!


Time runs so fast! It is nice to be back here but the Prague I got to know 2 years ago is a different Prague that I see now. It is not the same without my Erasmus+ friends.

I visited a lot, I saw all my favourite places, also I visited neighbourhoods I used to live in. Same old places, same touristic areas, same parks and same Old Town but now – without my Erasmus people. That made me understand it for real that people are the ones who make your exchange unforgettable! People are those who you make your memories with! People are the thing that gives your Erasmus an inestimable value! I appreciate all of the people I met! Thank you, guys! Miss you!


Prague is still a beautiful city but now it is different. But it doesn’t change the fact that I am in love with it!

received_1091488651018728 (1)

I appreciate that I live so close and I could come to visit Prague again! Feels so nice that I have that opportunity to travel around Europe so easily. I am so thankful for that!

I have the warmest memories of my Erasmus+. My experience in Prague was an absolute blessing. It gave me so much! More than a year has passed without noticing. I decided to go back to visit the place where I have so many memories.


Now when I go around the city, often I see some people who remind my foreign friends. Sometimes they are so similar to people I know that I am almost ready to go and say “hi”. But then I realize that it is just an illusion. That explains that I really miss my Erasmus+ friends. Also, I miss the lifestyle, the atmosphere, the adventures we had. That was such an opportunity to meet people from all around the world! I am sure that I will meet them at least once again!

I am planning a trip around the world to visit all of my friends in their countries. I also believe that the best guides are locals and the best locals are your friends!


I never thought that one city can leave such an impact on you. I never thought that a city can control your emotions and feelings. I knew that it might control your mind because of the memories but I didn’t know that it could have such power! Such bright memories I have!


There will always be a big part of myself. And as an exchange, I will keep a big part of Prague in my heart for all the time and forever! No doubts that Erasmus was amazing but now I understand that my year in Prague was something more than just an amazing Erasmus! That was something more than just an exchange!




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