My Summer 2018

This summer was incredible, just like a Summer of 100th Year of Latvia needs to be!

Usually, we go for a vacation trip to an exotic place but this time we had such a nice weather here in Latvia that we didn’t even think about going somewhere else. However, before the summer started I was thinking about going on a trip, but in the end, I didn’t really want to leave Latvia at its 100th anniversary’s summer. The weather was really such a blessing! I am expressing that so much because usually most of the summers are under 30 degrees. A big reason why I didn’t go somewhere else for holidays was Latvian Song and Dance festival. I feel so thankful because we had this festival this year, which happens only once in 5 years. And then there were many other things that made this summer unforgettable:


It all started with a project MadCity which I helped to organize. It was a non-conference which had a nice concept. On the first day, there were lectures given by international professors, including Jan Gehl. On the second day, all of the participants had to split into groups to brainstorm ideas for a particular area of the city. In the end, there was a decent prize for the winners. That was a great experience!

Little adventures with a boat! I loved that so much!


At the beginning of the summer, we had a crazy night kayaking trip. I will never forget the sunrise I saw. That was a fantastic experience to enjoy the city from a different perspective and to explore new places. I will add this to my unforgettable memories!


When I had a chance, I visited my grandparents in the countryside. I love Latvia because we have places where we can feel calm and peace. I appreciate how green and natural is our country!


Then there was a time for Latvian midsummer festival Līgo and Jāņi. Loved it! That was fun!


Tree House project. We built wooden platforms on the trees. One of many architecture student initiatives.


I had an opportunity to work in a different city and I used this chance. I am so happy that I was not afraid to get out of my comfort zone and to go somewhere where I don’t know anyone. In the end, I knew a lot of people and made lots of new contacts. This was such a valuable experience!

Attēlu rezultāti vaicājumam “cēsis”
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And then there was Latvian Song and Dance festival. The event of the summer! The event of the last 5 summers actually because it happens only once in 5 years. Such an amazing event! I still remember all the feelings I had where I was standing on the stage. One of 16 000 singers who sing one song at the same time. It is hard to describe it and quite impossible to explain what it means to a Latvian soul! I am proud that I had a chance to participate!


Another water activity! Kayaking in another place during the day. Also fantastic! To be in nature and to live without technologies at least for a while was so nice! Only you, the boat and nature!


SUP paddle boarding for the very first time! I absolutely enjoyed it! And later I did it again. Nice and relaxing activity.


Picnic on the island with the view of Riga Old town.


For the first time this summer we had an opportunity to organize a bachelorette party for our friend. Fun day! Good weather! Great activities! I loved the most the time we spent on the boat!

Of course, then comes the weddings! I was not only a guest but also a musician for the church and the performance.

So to summarize this I want to say that this summer was like a gift! I hope that yours too! Such nice events and occasions, such nice weather and together it makes such nice memories! I enjoyed many beautiful sunsets and sunrises. Beach and chill evenings anytime we could.


I relaxed and had the restart which I really needed to get new strength and energy for this semester! What else could I ask for the summer!? If you read about my summer of the last year then I can say that these two are completely different from each other but they are not comparable. I love them both; last year I was all the time abroad and this year I was mostly at home in Latvia 🙂

Will see where the next summer is going to take me. I know that wherever I will be, I will make the best out of it!



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