The best way how to explore the city

I am going to tell you the best way how to explore the city. And these tips are going to be universal! You can use them no matter which city you visit. They work! And they will lead you for the best experience and the best memories!

1. Get lost. Trust me, it really works! Of course, you don’t need to run into some dangerous areas, with getting lost I mean to walk around for a certain amount of time without your phone, GPS or a marked plan. Not everyone would understand or be able to have this opportunity but those who can – I highly recommend! You will surprise yourself and also avoid some tourist traps.

2. Follow some tips of “10 things to see in …” but analyze if that is really what you want. Sure, you want to take a photo with some cliche stuff but adjust all the advice to your interests.

3. Plan your time but not over-plan. Create a list of things you want to visit. And list them on particular days. And another thing I would recommend is to sort those things. For example, those which you want to see a lot and those which you would like to only if you will be nearby. Why? Because during trips there always happen something that you didn’t plan. So for some reasons, if you can’t do the thing of your Plan A, be prepared with your Plan B.

4. Be spontaneous! Well, this might be quite an opposite of the previous one but I can explain that. You should know what do you want to do in the city if you are a tourist. But another important thing is to avoid overplanning. You should leave some space for unplanned activities. Don’t be afraid of being spontaneous. Sometimes the best memories are of something unplanned. So I would say: plan to be spontaneous!

5. Ask locals or Use the TripAdvisor to get a nice place where to have a meal to enjoy a local dish. Only locals know the best places, only locals know the hidden spots. Trust them more than tourism agencies!

Follow these and I am sure that you will get the best out of it! 



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  1. neelstoria says:

    Staying without phone is a great thing during travels. I always do that especially when I trek. I just switch off!

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    1. Good job! Then you can enjoy the life and affect it, avoiding the opposite

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