Springtime in Belgium

It was a nice day when I landed in Brussels, Charleroi. And that was my first impression of Belgium because I had never been there before. Once I met my friends, we went to see a little bit of Brussels, Bruxelles. First things we ate were French fries and Belgian chocolate. Delicious!

Grand-Place, Brussels




Okay, so now I will explain you Belgium from my point of view. Well, to start everything I can explain long story short about the country. It is kind of a small country with 3 official languages. Crazy! Dutch, French and German. And they have more than 1 parliament, if I am right, they have even more then 3 parliaments. The government system seems kind of difficult and weird but somehow it works just perfectly! At least that is my opinion 😀

I visited 3 cities and I really liked how they were built. Well, I couldn’t see a lot of Brussels but it seems to be okay. I mean, the scale is nice for people, in spite of that is the capital city of the country and also the capital city for whole European Union. Then I had a one-day trip to Brugge. The city seems like a fairytale! All the buildings are like castles or houses of dwarfs or characters of fairytales. I hadn’t seen it before that all the city is made like that. I liked it!

There I tasted my first Belgian waffles. That was soo delicious! There are two kinds of them. One is Brussels waffle and the other one is Luikse waffles. I would recommend the Luikse waffles! They are a bit more fat but they are just too good to refuse!

Luikse waffle

That was a beautiful and sunny day! We took a train from Gent. It was not very expensive. However, the train was really nice and comfortable. And it took only 20 minutes or half an hour to come to Brugge. Was really pleasant! Then we walked around the city and had some nice talks and nice landscapes around us! That was such a great atmosphere there. I was surprised that I heard lots of Spanish tourists over there. Yes, that city seems to be very touristic which actually makes sense. It is really worth to go there!




Link to the reference

However, my favourite city in Belgium is Gent! Sometimes its called Ghent, just in case you get confused. I spent there the most of time because my friends live there. But even if they wouldn’t, I would like it a lot! As I study architecture, I had my own criteria. Gent is nice in many ways. Architecture is beautiful! Streets are systematized, I love their biking lifestyle, the way they live is just nice! For example, in my country, it is different if we talk about housing. There they live in private houses which are not big if we count square meters on the ground. They are usually 3 or 4 storeys high to save the space and to give the opportunity for every family to have their own garden. I find it super cool! For example, in other cultures, it is more popular to live in an apartment. I actually would prefer to have my own house with a garden. So, I really love exploring other places how people live differently because that can teach a lot! And it is also inspiring!



But anyway, even if they would not have French fries, delicious Belgian beer, waffles, chocolate or neuzekes, I would love that place! That was really nice and inspiring to be there! I am going to return for sure 🙂





I feel so thankful and blessed that I had a chance to be there! Thank you for that time and thank you for showing me Belgium! I was there only for 5 days but that was enough to understand that Belgium is a nice place to be! Gent is a nice place to go for Erasmus+ exchange or other kinds of the project if you would like to be there for more than just a trip. You might want it because it is worth that! Thank you!





Not enough for you? Here I found a funny video where they explain the system of the country. To understand Belgium better I recommend to check it out:


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