Magic of Europe

There is no other place similar to Europe. And countries within it are different as well.

Before I went outside of Europe, I thought that Europe is big. Maybe because that was the only part where I had been, maybe I had this feeling because there are many countries in Europe. However, it is so small comparing to, for example, Canada or the United States of America. And each of countries is even smaller. But every country is unique! And almost in every country, people speak differently! That is amazing!

I have met many people coming from other places like Asia, Australia, North America, South America and even Africa. Most of them I met in Europe when they came there for exchange. They said that they absolutely enjoyed their time there and will come back. They fell in love with Europe! I have heard that many of those who once have been there, want to come back. And sometimes not just for travelling but even to study or work there.

Opinions about Europe can be different. I have heard good and also not that good things about Europe but there are more pros than cons in their opinions. Most of them are based on their experience and lifestyle of the place they come from. That is why it is interesting to get to know what non-Europeans think about Europe. If we look at Europe from different perspectives and from different points of views, we can understand the values of what we have in Europe and appreciate them even more.

I also have heard that there are many people from other places who try to save money to come to Europe at least once in a lifetime, it is their dream destination. Sometimes it is considered even fancy if you can afford to go to Europe.

Europe has lots of historical areas. There are old towns in almost every capital! Comparing to the USA, for example, you cannot find any Old Town in New York City, think about these values.

In general, there are so many values and good things I like about Europe. I appreciate the culture, the historical heritage we have, I am proud of its architecture. Another thing is safety, which is very important, and I can say that it is pretty safe to live in Europe. I love that there is the Schengen zone which allows travelling so easily from one country to another. The system sometimes is considered not that good but comparing to others it is pretty systemized in Europe, for example, public transport, education, infrastructure, maybe even government. I cannot characterize it perfectly if we talk about Europe in general because in all the countries in Europe the system is different. And speaking about many countries, I love that they are kind of similar but so different as well. For example, different languages and culture. I love that!

There is no other place where kind of small countries are so close to each other and have such different languages and culture, also the landscapes and architecture. And that is magical! I am so proud that I come from Europe. I really appreciate the values we have here!



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