Why you should come to visit Latvia

Latvia is the place where I come from. I am proud of this place! Let me introduce you to it! Latvia is a small country in Europe. It is located in Northern Europe. The country has a border with Estonia and Lithuania, Russia and Belarus. Latvia has a strategically good location. It is a connection between Northern Europe and Eastern Europe. It is also a connection between Eastern Europe and the Baltic Sea. Its capital city is Riga.

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There are lots to see in the capital city – Riga! Old Town of Riga is one of the best! Riga is known also as a capital of Art Nouveau style.


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Besides modern architecture, there are lots of historical areas like the Old Town.

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Latvia is a very green country. Forests take 47 % of the whole area. That is why we have really fresh air to breathe!

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There are also lots of lakes and rivers and even the Baltic Sea!

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Latvia can offer you a variety of landscapes! We don’t have mountains but we have different kinds of plain territories. The highest peak in Latvia is Gaiziņkalns which is 312m above the sea level. Latvia is a small country but still, I think that diversity of nature might surprise you in a good way!


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Latvia is a calm and nice place. It is crazy that there are only 2 millions of inhabitants! And the country is, for example, more than 2x bigger than Belgium. (Belgium has ~5x more inhabitants.) It means that Latvians have a lot of space to show up!

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Latvia is a place where you can feel 4 seasons. We have proper Winters, Springs, Autumns and Summers. Our summers are not too hot but hot enough to go swimming in the lake or river or in the sea.

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In overall I can say that there are not a lot of Latvians. But if we talk about the level of education then I can say that there is a high percentage of educated people. I could say that most of Latvians are like smart, active and provident.

Latvia is the place with one of the fastest speed of the internet. It is developed in this way. You can find wifi even in the parks and even in beaches. Isn’t that cool?

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Most of the people don’t have a lot of money but just because of this thing and the situation with the government and economy, Latvians have the ability to manage money really well! Today we use euros but our previous currency was “lats” and you can see some lati coins below.

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Latvians are warm and nice people! They will welcome you and give you lots of food! Some of the interesting food we have here is, for example, Grey peas and bacon, in summers we used to eat cold soup of beets. One kind of typical desserts is dark bread soup with whipped cream.

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I don’t know how many Latvians you could find in the whole world, but definitely not more than 3 million. So you can guess that only these people speak and understand the Latvian language. And speaking about the language, it is considered as one of the oldest. The oldest known examples of written Latvian are from a 1530 translation of a hymn made by Nikolaus Ramm, a German pastor in Riga.

Latvian belongs to Baltic language group and it is similar only to Lithuanian but even we can’t understand each other. There is no other language similar to Latvian! We have 33 letters in the alphabet.

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I might be true if I would say that every Latvian can either sing on dance. Once in 4 years, we have Latvian Song and Dance Festival. It is one of the largest amateur choral events in the world and an important event in Latvian culture and social life.

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Imagine the feeling of being one of 50 000 singers when you sing the same song at the same time! It is incredible!

And 30 000 of dancers dancing the same dance at the same time! Amazing! And dancers do moves to create Latvian Traditional Signs.

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Latvia was founded on 18th November in 1918.

This year 2018 there is going to be Latvia’s 100th anniversary! Independence Day is on 18th November but the celebration will be held all year long! You are welcome to join us!

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There are many reasons why you should come to visit Latvia. The best is to see it with your own eyes! All I can say in the end is: Welcome to Latvia!

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  1. PragueByKaty says:

    Beautiful pictures, beautiful country :-).

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  2. Tegan Cragan says:

    OMG! This anniversary picture looks wonderful! Thank you for sharing.

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  3. Nasib says:

    That’s impressive, I think I should visit soon. Maybe this summer

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    1. Yes! Great! You will like it!


      1. Nasib says:

        I’ll come after my short trip to Helsinki 🇫🇮


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