10 things I love about Prague!

1. Charles bridge at night. Of course, during the day it is amazing as well but the real charm you can feel at night. Catch the best around 3AM – 5AM. I am not even kidding! Why? There will be no people! Almost… I don’t know why but many Asian people prefer to make a wedding photo shoot on that bridge at that hour! For example, once I was there around 4 AM and I saw 3 Asian couples there. Really! 3 wedding couples! On one bridge at the same time! And none of them was Czech, not even European! It just proves that the bridge is worth to visit at night!

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2. Public transportation in Prague is the best. They have metro, bus, tram, even a cable car and even a water transport. You can easily reach any place by public transport. It is really wisely made. You can get everywhere easily.

And they have public transport working even at night! How cool is that!? And it is cheap which makes people buy tickets and do not cheat.



3. Location. Prague is located in Central Europe. It is so easy to go to many cities in other countries, for example, Dresden, Budapest, Vienna, Berlin, Wroclaw, Krakow etc. There are many connections if you want to take a flight but it is easy to go abroad by train or bus.


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4. History of Prague. In my opinion, Prague is so nice mostly because of Charles IV who was the Emperor or the Great Roman Empire. At that time Prague was the capital. He created lots of things, for example, Charles Bridge, Charles University, Prague’s Castle which is the biggest in Europe! And Prague was not damaged hard during the World Wars so we still can see lots of historical buildings and places.



5. There are so many viewpoints to catch a beautiful landscape over the city. Prague has many hills and many parks. You can get an amazing view from different sides. All because of the geographical relief. Usually, cities have that one or two spots to take a view of panorama but Prague gives a lot of options! And all of the views are nice, so go and check them out!


This one is taken from the Kotva Rooftop Cafe
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6. Beer is cheap and good. Tastes are so different. There are sweet and bitter beers. My favourite was Kozel, the dark one. But they have also Pilsner Urquell and other brands of beers.

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7. It is allowed to drink in public. I’m not an alcoholic but just imagine a sunny day, you want to chill in the park and a bottle of your favourite beer will make it just nicer!  And you can do it in public, for example in a park of near the Metronome where you can get a nice view. Actually, I noticed that if it is allowed then drinkers don’t do that too often, but when it is forbidden, they try to do it because doing illegal things just gives more adrenaline. During summers there are beer gardens in all the biggest parks!

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8. Geeting lost in the city! It can take you to amazing places! Just wander around the city and you will be amazed for sure!

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9. Waterfront. Vltava is the river of Prague, the biggest river in the Czech Republic. There are not just nice bridges over it but there is also a nice waterfront. Actually, during summers you can also enjoy catamarans in the water. It is so relaxing and it gives another viewpoint to the city. Try it!

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Link to the reference
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10. Parks and leisure areas. It is amazing to be in the city but to have space where you can feel calm and take a rest from the daily rush. Prague has lots of parks, there are hills with greenery and also islands. All that you could ask for!

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  1. Prague is so damn beautiful! Would love to visit it someday!

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  2. Thank you for your insider tips. I will consider Prague for my next city trip, including at least some of those ideas!

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