Erasmus+ in Prague

As you might guess from the title- I did my Erasmus+ in Prague! This might be helpful for those who consider to go on Erasmus+ in general and maybe more useful for those who are about to do it in Prague!

Why Prague? Easy! It is cheap! Location is Central Europe which means that you can easily get anywhere in Europe. Beer is good! And cheap! And if you want to know the real reason then it is a similarity between subjects of my studies! They were almost the same!


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I have to add this: in my university, it is recommended to go to a place where you can get the same subjects like at your home university to overlap them! If you can’t find a subject or few then you will need to do it after you will return back. So it is useful to find a place where subject overlaps fully or at least almost! It is a serious stuff. Some people even need to repeat a year because of their choice. They chose to study in a university where they had almost no similar subjects. It is kind of impossible to pass everything once you get back. Firstly because you will have your following semester going on which means that you will need to follow that as well. And secondly, you will need to pass subject and study mostly on your own because you will not have the option to attend lectures because of your following semester. So think twice and try to overlap your subjects!


I study architecture and I did my exchange in Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU). In Czech, it is called: česke vysoke učeni technicke (ČVUT). If I need to describe how similar my subject was, I can say that in the end I had to do just 2 subjects at my home university for a 1st semester and just 1 subject after 2nd semester. That was amazing! I was so happy for that! I don’t know how it is for other universities in other countries but here we really have to do the same subjects abroad and also the amount of ECTS matters! Number of ECTS shows how many credits you can get for subjects. It somehow shows a value of your subject. It kind of also shows how much time you should spend on a particular subject.


So, let’s move on! How was it when I arrived in Prague?

New day, new start, new hopes, new life!!! That was my attitude once I got there!

First of all, I have to say that I went there absolutely alone! I literally did not know anyone when I got there. Even on the bus, I did not know anyone. I have to add that I spent 23h on that bus (It was 5 times cheaper than flight.) I spent that time without talking to anyone. I never thought that it will be that hard for me to keep quiet 😀 really! So I can say that it was my first time I didn’t talk for 23h! Of course, you might say that I could talk on messenger, WhatsApp or phone but it was just too expensive. Internet was not working well and also at that time you had to pay more if you were talking to someone who is in your home country. Now we have these super cool fares where place doesn’t matter.


So what I want to say it that I was super excited to meet my buddy and that I felt really talkative. A little bit about my buddy and first impression about Czech people. First, because he was the first Czech I had ever met! He was very helpful! I had 100kg of baggage. (Don’t ask why! I really tried to pack only the most necessary things. Including my PC. Of course, the system block and screen!) And I am not joking this time 😀 He helped me to carry all of that and to take it to my new home! I found a room in flatshare online. Basically, I did it via Facebook. One tip for this: always be careful and avoid fake offers. I almost failed once. But that makes me never make such a mistake again! Make sure that offered place exists and that it is free of people! Just be cautious!

Why I chose to live in a room in a flat? Basically, I had never had my own room for the whole my life. All the time till the university I shared my room with my sister and then I moved to the capital because of the university and I moved in the dormitory. And I had to share my room with an unknown girl. It was fine. But I just wanted to try how it is to be alone and to know how it is to have your private place. I enjoyed that! But apartments in Prague have become pretty expensive. For my room, I had to pay 300 euros. And my view was to the courtyard- not nice! But anyways, I tried it for 1 semester. It was fine and it was worth that. Now I know that I prefer to live with someone. My second semester I spent in a student dormitory. But this time it was different. Being on Erasmus has something magical. You really want to gather with people and you usually become good friends with all the people, especially your neighbours. Being in a dormitory in your country also has its charm. Of course, also there you can meet many people, make good friends and have fun, but I just want to say that it is not the same. In Erasmus it is different. For example, place, where you all spend your Erasmus, is a place where none you are coming from. So you all have the same feelings and same wishes. Anyways, dormitory life on Erasmus is just different, I could say- better. I can say that because I have experienced both! What I want to say is that it is worth to live in a dormitory when you are on Erasmus. The place doesn’t really matter. The most important thing- people!


Of course, studies are important too! It is actually the main reason why Erasmus is made. They give you a chance to study in a different university in the different country. Use it wisely! Try to take the best out of it! I got so much of experience! My biggest benefit of studies was the computer programs! There are not taught at my home university that much as they are in CTU. I had some pre-knowledge for Photoshop and Archicad but I definitely became more advanced on these after the exchange. I have to add as well programs I learned without any pre-knowledge: Illustrator, InDesign, 3ds Max and Revit. That is so useful for me as an architecture student. It is always better for you if you know how to use many programs. Speaking of other subjects it was nice as well. I was interested to see how they teach there. Style of presentations and lectures and the way of teaching. I cannot say that it was all perfect but it was useful to see. Then you can create your own way if you need to teach someone. Or use this experience in another way you want.

I should say something about Prague as the place where I spent 10 months but this post is getting super long. I am going to make a special post dedicated to Prague. But a little intro for it would be a simple question: Is Prague amazing? Yes! Absolutely!




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  1. Such a beautiful spot! I have a friend that just got back from Prague and it sounds amazing. I’d love to go. Thanks for adding to my inspiration! ♡

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  2. megnovo says:

    One of my friends went to Prague a few months ago and i knew it then that i have to visit this beautiful city whenever I can. I think they are one of the best architectural cities in the world. Lovely pictures indeed

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  3. DD´s blog says:

    Nice post, I was in Prague once, its beautiful city 🙂

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  4. Michaela Šedová says:

    I love your post. I am studying at Charles University in Prague but I am not so happy about my studies so I am happy your choice was good! Can’t wait for your next post about Prague. 🙂

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  5. Umesh says:

    Nice posts setup! the photography is awesome,

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  6. BeUtiful shots! I would have loved to spend my uni days overseas. But! I have my degreee and working for last couple of years so free Travel is waiting for me!! X x

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  7. Angelina says:

    What a great experience. I did something similar and it was the best decision I made. It is very hard to be in a different country, you should be proud.

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  8. I also did Erasmus in Prague. Interesting to see your take on it. I also went by bus, although it “only” took about 12 hours. And I stayed in the campus, I’m Hostivar.
    Maybe I should write my version of it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, that is so cool! I guess we have lots in common when it comes to talk about Prague 🙂


  9. I meant I stayed in Hostivar. Autocorrect 🙂


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